Microsoft tablet crashes during Windows 8 demo

windows-logoSince Apple pretty much invented the tablet as far as the general public were concerned, everyone else leapt on the bandwagon. Along came Microsoft, tootling along, only now showing off their Windows 8 operating system.

And oh, how Apple will have laughed when they heard about what happened next. During a live stage demo of the new look operating system, the new 'Metro' tablet control system froze and crashed. No matter what Microsoft staff tried to do, it just sat their, dead and helpless.

The new version of Windows is expected to launch in October, which looks to work across multiple devices including tablets, desktop PCs and laptops as well as Windows phones.

However, if this is the shape of things to come, then it doesn't seem likely that people will be foaming at the mouth with giddy anticipation come the release date.



  • klingelton
    windows 95 crashed during the stage demonstration - still went on to dominate the desktop market and lead us all into subsequent years of m$ hell.
  • Tweedskin
    Daily Mail as a source?! I really thought you were better than that, Mof.
  • dai
    @Tweedskin on what basis did you think Mof was better than that?
  • Idi A.
    Thank goodness operating systems have Copy/Paste, eh Mof?
  • Phil
    Funny thing is Microsoft have been pushing tablets for years (My old secondary school got them back in 2001?) - They just never caught on until Apple got involved and removed the need for a pen...
  • Liam
    More anti-Microsoft bullshit. Computers crash all the time. Even glorified iDevices crash - the main reason why I ditched my iPhone 3G and switched to Android. Which isn't perfect, but stock apps are more stable for me on my Google Nexus S.
  • maxtweenie
    I didn't know what to do when I read this, in fact I simply sat "their" dead and helpless, like the Windows 8 tablet or this crappy article.
  • The J.
    I would laugh but my mouth is full of immortal fire ants and my gums are sewn up with fiberglass strands.
  • The J.
    I have no mouth but I must scream.
  • The m.
    I am not surprised by Moff’s incompetence!
  • a N.
    "tried to do, it just sat their, dead and helpless." "tried to do, it just sat their" "their" no.
  • Pedant
    Their is no excuse for incorrect use of spelling & grammer they're.
  • Mof u.
    Honestly, Mof's articles have been nothing but plagiarised and poorly written, what a joke.
  • SgtMunky
    Erm, yeah this crashed, but does it heat up to the point it is 'uncomfortable to hold'? All tablets will have their problems. A particular windows edition crashed whilst Bill Gates himself was demo'ing it, and it still went on to create billions in income
  • Miss I.
    Microsoft have went to the dogs since Steve left.
  • Lemax
    I'm waiting for Windows 15 on the Ipad 6S+ before I get on-board.
  • Comecon
    Oh. My. God. A tablet running a beta version (read: code incomplete, unrefined, fairly unstable, testing only) of an operating system has crashed? Who'd have thunk it? What's next - a new car failing to start because half of it hasn't been built yet? Christ, how is this news?
  • Mike H.
    Yeah, because an OS crashing every 30 minutes or pop ups telling you there are updates or problems will stp people using it. DUMB ASS!
  • say w.
    Only rabid anti-apple people are interested in this. The typical computer user isn't beholden to Microsoft anymore. MS was able to get away with crashed dmos years ago but no longer. MS is willing to demo a beta version because they don't care. They believe everyone is a slave to their two core products that they always fall back on: Windows and Office. But this is changing and it will undo them. Only the people who think they are computer savvy because they spend hours everyday looking for free media and software have no desire to leave windows. Battling the malware they download with all the free stuff makes them feel all "techy" too. Get ready for the obligatory reference to some OS X malware that pops up every other year as some sort of witty response. ZZZzzzz

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