Microsoft Surface is a megaflop

Despite – or perhaps because of - the blatantly Apple-esque adverts featuring clicky dance routines, Microsoft Surface isn’t selling.

Launched in October last year, only 1.5m Surface RTs and Surface pros have been sold, even though Microsoft initially ordered the manufacture of 3m and talked a big game about it selling millions before Christmas. Compare this to the 89m PCs and 59m tablets sold worldwide, and it’s a massive turkey.

The Surface RT, which features a keyboard so you can prop it up and pretend you can afford a real laptop, hasn’t been a hit with businesses from the start. According to sources within their supply chain, who have been whispering to Bloomberg about what a stinker it is, Microsoft had to half its order from 4m to 2m at the end of 2012.

With the demand for tablets and smartphones going through the roof, and sales of PCs slowing down, Microsoft has a lot riding on Surface.

Unfortunately, it looks like it might be the Steve Brookstein of tablets...


  • what f.
    I'm all for 'wit' and sarcasm etc, but saying "so you can pretend you can afford a real laptop" just shows no knowledge of the cost of the item to begin with!
  • Dee B.
    'halve', not "half" ;)
  • Joe
    Shame, since I have one and it's a very nice device.
  • Dionaeamuscipula
    I'm sure it is very nice, but its at least £100 too expensive.
  • Mr M.
    What was Microsofts last hardware success, has there been one?
  • chewbacca
    @Mr Miagi xbox360? Well, technically it IS hardware. Flops? Zune, the original xbox, that crazy mobile device they had, Kinect, I'm sure there are more.
  • Loafer1946
    It seems to a cross between a tablet and laptop and you either want one or the other. Maybe the fact it runs with Windows 8 has contributed to the lack of success. Reading the above I worry about some of your readers, and wonder what sort of lives they must lead in the real world.
  • Zleet
    The problem isn't the surface as its a really nice piece of kit, especially its ability to switch to pc mode at the touch of a button, but the fact any version of windows since XP pro has been a pain to use. The surface pro is supposedly really good for free hand drawing as its screen has wacom tech in it. Also the fact you can use full software rather than some limited 'app' is great if you wish to work on the move. Ironically a hybrid full/partial os on a mobile system is probably what the others will move towards in the future. Apple will release an iPad with a full mac OS in a few years with a folio keyboard and be called groundbreaking while microsoft cry in the corner.
  • Anal D.
    Strange, I would expect an article like this one crowing about how rubbish or poorly performing a Microsoft product is would be written by Apple Fanboi Andy.
  • Mark
    According to their adverts, all they're good for is dancing with. So why would buisinesses want them if that's all their employees could do with them?
  • LL J.
    @chewbacca as shit as Kinect is, with 24 million sales it's the most successful console add-on ever made.
  • Mike O.
    Comment moderation working well then
  • P O.
    Lol mike
  • bummer
    This is because you are all a bunch of apple sheeps******g c***s who would love nothing more than bum your nearest apple store!!!
  • Lord S.
    Hey, I'm not a sheepshearing chum. I have people to do that sort of thing on the farm.
  • Raggedy
    Where's the Deathwatch alert on Bitter Wallet then?
  • Mark H.
    Not usually a fan but I must say that the caterpillar IS impressive.
  • Lord S.
    Not as impressive as my one-eyed trouser snake
  • Atilla
    The surface pro isn't even released in the uk yet......

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