Microsoft sued for spying on everyone

windows-logoThere are some of you who have been using a Microsoft phone and opting out of having your whereabouts tracked. Well, there's a chance that Microsoft has completely ignored you and spied on you all the same, tracking all the tedious places you've been to.

That's what some lawsuit is claiming at least.

The legal action claims that people using a Windows Phone 7 smartphone are being tracked everytime the camera on their phone is switched on. Microsoft are declining to comment.

This isn't the first time we've heard complaints about something like this. Apple, Nokia and Google have also been chided for recording users' private data. Microsoft, Nokia, Apple and Google were hauled before the US Congress to explain their privacy policies and Google Android phones were found to gather location data, however, it required explicit permission from users.

The lawsuit alleges that Microsoft's letter to congress, which claimed that location data is collected "always with the express consent of the user", was "false".

The claim, filed by Rebecca Cousineau, says Microsoft are transmitting data in phones such as the HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7.

Tracking is undertaken by the software giant to help "deliver more useful and relevant experiences to users", adding; "To provide these rich experiences, Microsoft collects limited information necessary to determine the approximate location of a device. Collection is always with the express consent of the user and the goal of our collection is never to track where a specific device has been or is going."

They add: "We believe that, when designed, deployed and managed responsibly, the location-based feature of a mobile operating system should function as a tool for the user and the applications he or she elects to use, and not as a means to generate a database of sensitive information that can enable a party to surreptitiously 'track' a user."

To anyone who noticed that every paragraph started with the letter 'T', shame on you.

Lawsuit claims that tech giant collects data about customers' whereabouts even they have opted out of location tracking


  • The B.
    Oh crap, does this mean that Bill Gates knows I've been doing his daughter up the wrong 'un?
  • Darryl
    Money if a proven case... does this filter back down to everyone that would claim here on in?
  • Microsoft
    Hi Darryl. Please feel free to stake a calim against us; we've got the location data and copies of the photographs too. Would you like all of those lovely pictures of the bald "foxes" you took last week forwarded to your wife?
  • zleet
    Dammit!! I just saw 'microsoft is spying on everyone' so wiped my hardrive and faked my death. Probably should have read the article first.
  • Microsoft
    Hi zleet. Don't worry about your hard drive. We have a complete archive copy available for you thanks to our new Windows technology called 'Transparent'. Thanks to new Transparent technology we really do see all. We will sell all of your data back to you for a mere $100. As an alternative we can send your employer an unencripted copy of your secure folder called 'Little Trixie and Red Gimps". This service is free and automatic if you don't pay for the whole drive. Just think of it as a preview of all of those other secure folders.

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