Microsoft patch up flaws

Microsoft patch up flaws

There's been a number of security flaws that have been patched up by Microsoft, which should shore up a number of their products and services.

They're doing monthly security releases, and the latest one features a patch for the Microsoft Edge browser and Internet Explorer. A bunch of Office products and Skype have been secured against vulnerabilities.

It's IE and Edge that are getting the lion's share of critical updates, which is good news for users, and bad news for any criminal who might want to exploit the flaws and steal people's data.

So, in short, if you open up a dodgy Office document, cyber-nasties shouldn't be able to take control of your system. Elsewhere, there's fixes for certain fonts which can be exploited.

If you've upgraded to Windows 10 (which is no longer free, which we've warned you about countless times), there's a patch there to secure Microsoft Edge when viewing PDF files, again, thwarting attackers from getting control of your device.

There's also a Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolling out, which will give everyone a redesigned Start Menu, a beefed-up Cortana, and new software that'll recognised handwriting.

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