Microsoft keeping Xbox One games the same price as Xbox 360

24 July 2013


Microsoft have been having a bit of a nightmare, with people yelling at them for apparent 'always-on' internet needs for the Xbox One, as well as the notion that they'll be putting an end to people buying second-hand games.

And so, in a bid to publicly win a few hearts and minds, the company have announced that they won’t put out first party titles any higher than an RRP of £50.

Which is still a load of money.

However, that is the same price as new games on the previous 360 platform, so something of a price freeze.

Of course, third parties will be allowed to charge whatever they want for games, so don't expect Activision's 'Call of Duty' to be cheap, especially when the demand is so large. Naturally, supermarkets and such will be offering discounts and packages , but we'll just have to see what happens there.


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  • Chewbacca
    Forza Horizon was the same price as current 360 games, so what's your point? Oh, it did have microstransactions for maps, DLC for cars, DLC for modes. Would probably have cost £80 all told. So, fuck them.
  • klingelton
    just goes to show how over inflated the price of games is. As long as i can remember, the average price of a game has been £50. and we're going back a LONG time here.
  • Paul C.
    Premium titles for the Sega Megadrive & SNES used to retail for £49.99. In the last few generations, we've actually had it very good - prices between the £29.99 - £39.99 for most games. I doubt the next gen of games will be more expensive than £39.99 - £44.99, this is just some cheap lip service from the cocksuckers that are Microsoft.
  • Terry
    RRP has never ever been charged for anything. It is an inflated number used to make you think you have a good deal. If a games RRP is 49.99 RRP, then why in every shop do they sell if for 10 quid cheaper?
  • Mike O.
    Just wait 3 to 6 months before you buy, most will drop to £25 if not less in that time. If they, dont, keep waiting. Same with a new console, dont buy it on the day of release, wait 6 months, the price will have dropped and the launch games should be cheaper too by then meaning you'll have something to play on it.

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