Microsoft - don't upgrade your OS, just upgrade your browser

This is a curiosity rather than a slagging-off, Microsoft fans - but why is Microsoft choosing to promote Internet Explorer 8 in a mailshot to customers, instead of Internet Explorer 9? That's the question avid Bitterwallet reader Scott would like an answer to.

Presumably it's because 8 can run on Windows XP while 9 requires Windows 7. It just seems a little odd that Microsoft are actively encouraging users to upgrade to an older version of their browser instead of their new OS and new browser. You can't imagine Apple wasting an opportunity to sell users up to Lion to instead talk through a revised version of Safari.

See? Curious rather than... well, interesting. Over to you, Microsoft fans.

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  • Grassy T.
    At a guess I'ds say it was because that advertising was paid for by the Internet Explorer department rather than the Windows 7 department. Welcome to the world of business
  • Trolly M.
    It's to move people off IE6 (yes people do still use it) and IE8 is the latest you can get on XP
  • Phil
    And just wait for the same to start happening to Apple as Steve Jobs takes time off sick. Each department will start fighting for power/resources/customers and it'll be all the same at Apple.
  • The B.
    We signed a contract with a corporate client last year and have to support IE6 until 2013, it never ceases to amaze me that large corporates demand suppliers support products that the manufacturers have long since stopped supporting.
  • Bazinga
    Suppose Hotmail couldn't be any worse.
  • Jason
    @TrollyMcTrollathon - Microsoft are so forward thinking, they forgot to buy ie7 and ie8 countdown. @Phil - I thought Jobs was already on sick leave? He only returned for that conf...right? @TheRealBob - The majority of the problem is the client expecting support, but part of of it is accepting the need to support IE6. Unfortunately, it can be a deal breaker so sometimes companies have to grit their teeth for the sake of getting paid. Btw, Google is dropping support for IE7 (among others) in August this year.
  • Two f.
    "Over to you, Microsoft fans." Do they still exist? I stopped being a fan when I was "Vista-ed" by MS.
  • Phil
    @Jason - Yes you are right - my point was that this is fairly recent development - hence why its still ok. Heck you only need to see how badly apple floundered when jobs left last time!
  • Trolly M.
    @Jason - Good point, however IE7 isn't as insecure as IE6 @Two Speed Fan: I'm a MS fan, Apple is just too mainstream now
  • Mr S.
    "Over to you, Microsoft fans." *tumbleweeds*
  • Billy
    Isn't this just perhaps a mailshot primed according to the OS/Browser that the member uses to access certain microsoft services. I'm guessing that if Microsoft knew I was on xp/ie6/7, they would send me a mailshot similar to the above, however if already on Win 7/IE9, then I imagine they a) wouldn't bother their arse, or b) send me something different to ponder.
  • Big G.
    Billy, that is a great new concept you have there, what will we call it? I know how does targeted marketing sound?
  • Billy
    Big G, Thanks for the simplification. Alas, I'm not sure some here would understand the definition, hence my rather exciting description. However from now on I can safely refer to it as targeted marketing. Alas the thread is dead, so probably no point.

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