Microsoft boss quits after Twitter spat - NMA TV cover story as maturely as ever

12 April 2013

"Those people should definitely get with the times and get the Internet. It's awesome." And so spake Microsoft Game Studios creative director Adam Orth, talking about the potential 'always connected' new Xbox.

This news was met with a fair amount of ire from the gaming community, who pointed out that this is a lousy thing to do to customers who don't have a great internet connection. Orth's response? 'Deal with it.'

The brown stuff really hit the fan and the resultant furore saw Orth quitting his job. The good news is that it has been parodied by Taiwanese news team, NMA TV, who have mocked his mini-meltdown.

Oddly enough, a source at Microsoft has rejected these 'always on' claims, saying that the new Xbox won't require an internet connection (which seems equally unlikely). Either way, it is nice to see a news crew covering the story with people being attacked with chairs, people being choked until their faces go grey and lasers coming out of people's eyes.

The next-gen console (codename: Durango) is set to launch later this year, around Christmas.

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  • jim
    so drugs are legal in taiwan then? if not then wtf they smoking and where can i get some from?
  • Mike
    It's nice to see you've put the Chinese version up instead of the English one...
  • Twitter p.
    So Next-gen console is released or not now?

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