Microsoft ban your awful, awful passwords

Microsoft ban your awful, awful passwords

A host of companies want to kill off the password, because it is clear that there's better ways of securely accessing our things online.

Another massive problem with passwords is the humans that choose them. Basically, some people are dreadful at creating passwords, and pick things that are insultingly easy to guess, and therefore, hack.

Don't believe us? Last year, the most popular password was '123456'.

It looks like Microsoft have had enough, and to be honest, we're surprised it has taken anyone this long.

They've banned rubbish passwords, and created a list of the ones you're not allowed to use if you register anything with them. In a blog, Microsoft explains that, instead of giving constant guidelines, they will just stop you from using bad ones.

They're going to keep updating their list, so when people start to migrate to other easy-to-guess passwords, they'll also get banned.

Microsoft have rolled this out to Microsoft Account Service, which means that it'll apply to emails on Outlook, your Xbox, and OneDrive.

If you put a stupid password in, the system will say: "Choose a password that's harder for people to guess."

And for the love of all that is holy, please don't pick a decent password and then write it down on a bit of paper and leave it next to your computer. Yes, we're talking to you, mum and dad.

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