Microsoft ban rubbish passwords on Hotmail

15 July 2011


Are you still using Hotmail? Why? It's awful. Sure, Microsoft have tinkered with it, but its still one of the clunkiest things online.

Anyway, if you're one of the people who still use Hotmail, you might be in for a surprise if you want to change your password on the free email service.

See, Hotmail are now banning the use of rubbish passwords.

Basically, Microsoft are trying to save you from your awful, awful selves.

Anyone creating a new account or changing their password won't be able to use obvious passwords like "123456" or "password." Of course, only a thundering idiot would choose such a thing, but you know damn well that anyone signing up for a Hotmail account is indeed a prize goon.

The system will also be putting the scuppers on common phrases like "ilovecats" and the company will be looking to extend the list of banned words and phrases in an attempt to stop you from getting hacked or phished.

It is actually a rather good idea and of all the accounts compromised (or, those ones that send you random spam from pal's accounts), Hotmail seems to be the most vulnerable.


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  • Sam
    You mean up till now you've actually been allowed to have 123456 or password as your password???? I thought these were banned by default on almost every system. I can't believe that it took them this long, it's beyond crazy. I do have a hotmail account, since it's frankly just easier to have one for things like xbox live and msn, the passport thing with a different email address just doesn't seem to work quite as well, I use it for junk and for people I don't want to give my real address to, like bitter wallet.
  • Meh
    I have a Hotmail account, but only because I've had it for years and can't be bothered to change my password on all the sites that have it. It is clunky, slow, dull (never thought I'd say that about an email client) and someone hacked me last month. So, yeah, Hotmail's a bag of wank.
  • HotmailFan
    If you don't like Hotmail (I do) and you don't like Yahoo mail, what is the alternative? Hotmail hasn't let me down since I started using it in the nineties. I don't want to use gmail as Google will read everything and probably sell it. Is there a free email service that avid BW readers like?
  • DragonChris
    I also use Hotmail. I personally don't really like Gmail or Yahoo - what's wrong with Hotmaiil? (apart from being from MS). As above, please tell us of a better mail provider, as I have never had a problem with my Hotmail.
  • TechLogon
    I use Lavabit - mainly designed as a free POP (download to email program on computer) email account but has a basic webmail interface too. Never had a problem with it and seems to be up more than Hotmail! Being hacked isn't Hotmail's fault though - any email account can be hacked if people use something like 123456 as a password...

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