Microsoft are the top brand in fat, sluggish Britain

We expect there’s a big party going on in the bowels of Microsoft’s UK headquarters right now, as the nerds who run the joint have regained their crown as the country’s top consumer brand in the 12th annual ‘Superbrands’ survey.

They’ve nicked the top spot back off their major rivals Google, who drop down to third place. Meanwhile, every smart arse’s favourite, Apple, have crept in to the top ten this year, but they’re still not as big as Lego or the BBC. Hah!

The survey is carried out every year by the Centre for Brand Analysis, on behalf of Superbrands UK. Bizarrely, in this age of internets and Wikipedias, the Encyclopaedia Britannica has snuck in to the top 10 as well. No sign of the Spinning Jenny or Woolworths in the higher echelons of the chart though…

The unavoidable truth that we Brits are becoming a nation of fat bastards is confirmed in the fact that McDonald's has risen 227 places, Burger King have leapt 189 places, KFC rise by 164 and Domino's Pizza have leapt 144 places in the chart.



  • MrRobin
    How did you get hold of my xmas '06 family portrait? I hope you got permission from my mum else there'll be a £600 fee for you to pay.
  • Nobby
    The highest new entry into this year's list was Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
  • Michael J.
    Photo reminds me of the old game "guess Who". Is it a man? Yes - click click Does he have glasses? No - click click click click click Does he have a moustache? Yes - click click Is he wearing a red jumper? Yes - click Is it Ron Burgundy? Yesssss!!!!!
  • Tom P.
    The guy at the back-left looks like he was in "Way Down Deep" (90's porn) i watched last night.
  • shadow
    yay an apple hater +1 rep
  • Nobby
    I still cannot work out how many females are in that photo.
  • Michael J.
    Its like Guess who!
  • P D.
    Wikipedia, with a 97% share of the online encyclopedia market, has forced Microsoft to shut down Encarta. How long will it be before Wikipedia claims the prize scalp of Encyclopaedia Britannica?

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