Microsoft are making a smartwatch... not that anyone really wants one

8 May 2014

Bitterwallet - Microsoft logo Since Apple stole a march on everyone by releasing a tablet first, the other internet companies are keen to shout 'FIRST!' by releasing absolutely anything, provided they get in there before the iLot.

Apple have been slow to react to the whole Wearable Technology movement. Presumably, they've seen Google release Glass and Samsung put out their smartwatch and thought: "There's clearly no rush as those aren't exactly flying off the shelves."

So, while rumours still float around about Apple's iWatch, Microsoft are inviting themselves to the party too, filing a patent for a version of their own.

The filing says that the Microswatch (we've no idea what it will be called) will have fitness and health capabilities (so it'll monitor your heart rate, how many calories you've burned and all that thunderously tedious stuff) and, not only that, the watch body can be detached from the strap and used with other hardware.

That means you'll be able to dock it with other tech to share data and there'll be a separate docking station for charging purposes. You might even be able to mount it in something so, when you're not wearing it, you can use it as a table/desk clock.

The patent also tells us that Microsoft's wearable thingy will have a music player, messaging service and possibly some form of phone capability, which you'd expect really.

One thing Microsoft will need to get right is the design. Samsung's Gear hasn't been well received because it looks clunky and cumbersome. It's pretty expensive too. However, Microsoft haven't been too hot when it comes to making desirable products of late. Maybe they should let Apple release theirs and let them build all the momentum and just ride the coattails.

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  • Billybobjimbob
    It'll be one of the millions of MS's unsold Zunes, with an elastic band to keep it on your wrist.
  • shakesheadsadly
    I think if you did your research, you;ll find it was MS who came up with the tablet first. They just did it before anyone cared.

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