Microsoft and their "hundreds of ideas" for new Xbox One TV

19 September 2013

xbox-reveal-540x303 Microsoft are showing off, saying that they've got 'hundreds' of ideas of their TV concepts for the imminent Xbox One.

Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer said: "They have literally hundreds of ideas that they are incubating right now. We will have some new announcements for TV shows coming pretty soon."

Microsoft, who aren't flogging the Xbox One as a mere gaming console, rather, an 'entertainment portal', has already confirmed a partnership with the NFL in order to bring match highlights to the device.

Great for Americans, but maybe not so interesting for the rest of the world. However, if the Xbox One manages to grab other sports in their packages, then the other consoles might have to up their game.

A live-action TV show of Halo has also been confirmed for the Xbox One, which is directed by Steven Spielberg. Suddenly, Microsoft look like they know what they're doing (but they'll probably balls it up somehow).

Either way, the Xbox One will be released on November 22nd and you'll be able to buy it for $499/€499/£429.

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