Microsoft again warning about support scams

20 June 2011

Bitterwallet - Microsoft logoMicrosoft are again warning everyone about a scam being run from fake tech support callers. It isn't the first time this has happened, with a scam being run from an Indian call-centre, very similar to a scam being undertaken by people claiming to be from Sky.

And again, scamsters are cold-calling people while claiming to be calling from Microsoft offering "free security checks". Microsoft surveyed 7,000 computer users in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada and found that an average of 16 per cent of people had received such calls.

Those who were tricked ended up giving the crooks remote access of their machines, which allowed them to obtain credit card information to make purchases.

Microsoft are saying that, if someone calls you, claiming to be from Windows or Microsoft Tech Support calls you, you should "not purchase any software or services. Ask if there is a fee or subscription associated with the 'service'. If there is, hang up."

If you think you've fallen foul of the con, then change your passwords, scan their machines for malware and get in touch with your bank and credit card providers, post haste.

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  • axisofevil
    "If there is a fee involved, hang-up." Good advice; don't buy flakey Windows software and you can't be conned. There are plenty of secure Linux systems built from free software.
  • TechLogon
    Blogged this last week at and extrapolated the figures from Microsoft's sample - on average 3.3% of the population would actually fall for this scam - surprisingly high, until you take a look around ;-) Microsoft claimed losses averaged over £500 per victim e.g. compromised passwords, faulty computers, identity fraud and cash pilfered from their bank account. User education is the only cure. "Ask if there is a fee or subscription. If there is, hang up" - this is actually really bad advice as the scammer will say there isn't a fee and try to remote access your PC to plant a keylogger/virus to grab your money in the future anyway - just hang up immediately! I do love the idea of Microsoft phoning people to ask them if they have ever been scammed - by people phoning them claiming to be working for err, Microsoft!
  • kev
    The advice is poor, fee or not people should hang up.

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