Megaupload's Kim Dotcom refused bail (also: insane neighborhood watch retort)

Kim DotcomA New Zealand judge ordered Megaupload's Kim Dotcom to be held in custody, denying his bail, suspecting that the internet pirate posed a significant flight risk (too big for normal aircraft chairs, that's for sure).

The German national was remanded in custody until February 22nd ahead of a hearing which could see the eccentric extradited to the United States under a law that doesn't exist yet.

Prosecutors have accused Dotcom as the ringleader of a group that netted $175 million since 2005 by copying and distributing copyrighted material without authorisation. Dotcom's lawyers are saying that the company offered nothing more than an online storage space.

The judge said: "With sufficient determination and financial resources, flight risk remains a real and significant possibility which I cannot discount and bail is declined"

As well as being accused of mass-piracy, Dotcom also sent an extraordinarily odd and rather funny email round his neighbourhood which frightened everyone witless. Neighbours of his NZ$30m (£15.6m) leased property had suspicion aroused after seeing a fleet of cars speeding to his house bearing licence plates such as HACKER, MAFIA, GUILTY and GOD. After a little research, they sent their concerns to the owner of the mansion, who in turn sent them to Dotcom.

His reply to the neighbours read: "Dear Neighborhood-watch, as you all know I recently moved into the Neighborhood and I am a former hacker. Well I was just hacking into a local mail server and guess what I found.

"First of all let me assure you that having a criminal Neighbor like me comes with benefits.

1. Our newly opened local money laundering facility can help you with your tax fraud optimization.

2. Our network of international insiders can provide you with valuable stock tips.

3. My close personal relations with other (far worse) criminals can help you whenever you have to deal with a nasty Neighbor."

Read over for the rest.

The letter continued: "In all seriousness: My wife, two kids and myself love New Zealand and 'We come in peace'.

"Fifteen years ago I was a hacker and 10 years ago I was convicted for insider trading. Hardly the kind of crimes you need to start a witch hunt for. Since then I have been a good boy, my criminal records have been cleared, and I created a successful Internet company that employs 100+ people.

"All the media has to report are old news. Why? Because I have chosen to avoid the media. Just look what the media did to this Neighborhood. Scary.

"Now you can make a choice: 1: Call Interpol, the CIA, and the Queen of England and try to get me on the next plane out of New Zealand. 2: Sit back, relax and give me a chance to do good for New Zealand and possibly the Neighborhood.

"If you feel like it come over for coffee sometimes. And don't forget to bring the cocaine (joke). All the best, Kim."

And now, this mental millionaire is behind bars and we're a beserk eccentric down. Dammit.


  • Fran
    What I don't understand is under the SOPA/PIPA (which might not even pass due to all the opposition) he'll be up for a 50 year jail sentence for allowing people to share their media online. Where as someone who raped and murdered someone can get out after 20/25.. The system of laws in place is utterly crazy
  • Phil
    @Fran - But won't somebody think children (For children read 'poor media bosses who'll lose out a big chunk of bonuses that they wouldn't have got anyway as those pirating content aren't going to consume anything like the same amount as much if they had to pay for it')?
  • bob
    Coincidence that he was about to start a new music service to kill off the record companies where the artist got 90%, yes 90% of all profits from sales of their songs. That was the real reason.
  • I w.
    If I thought an artist was going to get 90% of all profits from sales of their songs I might be tempted to buy some MP3s for a change. However I don't do music so not much point in my case, but I can see this being popular with the members of the public who can hold a tune.
  • Kevin
    He broke the law. Forget all the bullshit the RIAA etc make about lost money. It doesn't matter. He made money from effectively selling someone elses copyrighted materials. That is illegal and they can get you for that. This is with existing laws ALL OVER THE WORLD and nothing to do with the massive draconian SOPA/PIPA laws. It's just that at no point have the big media companies ever really gone after anyone. If they wanted to they could have done that at any point over more than 10 years. But they didn't (no idea why). If you don't want to get done for something illegal then don't do something illegal! Just because you've got away with it for years doesn't mean it's suddenly ok. New music service? Yeah I can see them shitting themselves at that. These things already exist, you get nowhere without the big business media networks and the support for merchandising, getting products into online and real world stores. There is a business to live off there but you're not going to get the big names doing that.
  • Herp
    Really? last i checked megaupload had a lovely "report copyrighted material" button which did work. If thats so illegal then so is a ton of other similar sites, even photobucket, facebook, etc. I mean lets not forget how much MPAA/RIAA make for intentionally violating other peoples copyright, just go read torrentfreak, plenty of them there, "oh we'll just use this song as a promo for film", "oh we'll just reuse this whole song", etc. Megaupload did plenty to scare UMG, sueing them for abuse of so called "takedown tools", launching megabox which actually had a pretty revolutionary business model had it been able to take off, etc. You say that these new music services "exist" oh like grooveshark which the RIAA are trying to close? new movie services like netflix which was being forced to up prices by the MPAA for films, etc. Seems like you need to pay more attention Kevin, you clearly have a sheltered view of events.
  • DorkHunter
    He looks like a dork. A dork with lots of money is still a dork. He'd better get use to taking it in the shitter when he's behind bars.
  • Mike H.
    Megaupload, endorsed by Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, P. Diddy, Alicia Keys, and Chris Brown.
  • Mike H.
    Kim Tim Jim Vestor, thought his name was rediculous so changed it to Kim Dotcom. Then he thought no one is taking him seriously and so changed it to 'Kim Fim Bim Lim Bim Wim Bim Bus Stop F’tang-F’tang Ole Biscuit Barrel' Thats childish, thought Kim and so changed it to something a little shorter for when filling in prison forms to, Kim Peter Bryan Telescope Adrian Umbrella stand Jasper Wednesday *pop pop* Stoat gobbler John Raw Vegetable *uuUH* Arthur Norman Michael *horn honk* Featherstone Smith *whistle* Northgot Edwards Harris *gun shot* whoOO Mason *chffchffchffchff* Frampton Jones Fruitbat Gilbert “We’ll keep a welcome in the” *3 gun shots* Williams “If I Could Walk That Way” Jenkins *whee whee wheee wheee wheeEEEee* Tigerdrawers Pratt Thompson “Raindrops keep falling on my head” Darcy Carter *HONK* Pussycat “Don’t sleep in the subway” Barton Manering *pip* hrmMMm Smith' Kim is now happier with his name and is considering keeping this one. Fat cunt.

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