McAfee have to admit that their security is kinda virus friendly

19 January 2012

mcafeeY'know McAfee, that security program you have that slows your computer down all the time to the point you want to put your foot through the monitor? Well, they've had to hold their hands up and tell everyone that there's a flaw in one of its products that could leave your PC vulnerable (Mac owners, feel free to gloat).

The company disclosed the problem in a message to customers on its website, saying hackers could use affected computers to flood you with spam.

McAfee spokesman Ian Bain said at least one customer had fallen victim to such an attack, which leveraged a flaw in a service offering known as McAfee SaaS for Total Protection.

The service is supposed to protect users from viruses hidden in emails and websites. Bain said the flaw was in a piece of software that McAfee customers install on their PCs to enable them to use the service.

Mercifully, the flaw doesn't give hackers access to data if they manage to compromise your system and that McAfee's engineers were working to fix the bug, which should be fixed today.

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  • Mike H.
    McAffee admit to what everyone already knows, their software is shit.
  • zeddy
    McAffee? Isn't that what Americans drink with their McBurger?
  • Sicnote
    You can get all the virus protection you need for free; amazed that Mcafee have gotten away with selling shit for so long. I guess that's marketing for you.
  • Roy
    "flood you with spam" - quite appropriate for McAfee considering that it spams so many new computers with a very much unwanted 'trial'. The only surprise is why anyone still pays for it and why it is BT's antivirus of choice (scratch that, it's BT after all...)

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