Massive web address suffix change on the dotcom horizon


It could be the biggest change to the world wide web since went scratch ‘n’ sniff – a completely new way of naming websites.

Icann, the dudes who are change of web addresses, have announced that they are going to allow the creation of a whole bunch of new domain suffixes, with almost any word in any language theoretically available.

The application process will begin next year, and for example, this here website what you’re reading now could apply to change its name to www.bitter.wallet, although why we’d want to is a mystery.

When Rod Beckstrom speaks, people sit up and take notice, because he’s the President and CEO of Icann. What he says is: “Icann has opened the internet's addressing system to the limitless possibilities of the human imagination. No one can predict where this historic decision will take us.” He’s a dreamweaver isn’t he?

Oh, hang on – apparently it will cost $185,000 (£114,000) to apply for the suffixes, and companies would need to show they have a legitimate claim to the name they are buying. So, we’ll erm, probably be keeping our name as it is as oppose to lining the pockets of Rod Beckstrom and men of his ilk.


  • Zleet
    I'd get www.www.www .
  • Massive C.
    [...] Massive web address suffix change on the dotcom horizon – Bitterwallet [...]

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