Mario is killing Nintendo


Nintendo weren't a raging success in 2011. What was the problem? Those stupid Wiimotes that didn't sufficiently double up as a joypad, leaving old-school gamers cold? Maybe it was a lack of great in-house games?

Nope. Mario is getting the blame.

A Japanese newspaper has claimed that Mario and his pals are hampering the company's ability to evolve into the digital age. It has even been called the "curse of Mario".

Sankei News reports: "As the game market evolves, Nintendo seems unable to move beyond creating games that rely on the image of Mario."

You may think this is all theorising and conjecture, but Nintendo need to do something about the rot which is about to take the shape of an announcement noting that the company will be posting huge losses for the fiscal year passed, as well as shares dropping below the ¥10,000 (£80) mark for the first time in nearly a decade.

There have been problems shifting 3DS devices off the shelves, but now, people are looking at Nintendo's famous mascot to take some responsibility.

Mario is one of the most recognisable characters in pop-culture, but alas, one thing that is looking a little out-dated concerning him at the moment is the fact he's stuck on one platform. Sonic the Hedgehog got a second lease of life after becoming available on all formats, leaving Mario looking a bit old-fashioned.

If Mario become available on the PS3 and XBOX, would Nintendo fans puke in disgust, vowing never to buy another Ninty product ever again? Messing with Mario is a big risk, but it seems like Nintendo need to do something soon for fear of going the way of Sega.


  • Dick
    Kill him off, I say! Put him in a game like Barbarian on the Atari ST and cut his head off.
  • Head
    A new mascot is needed, maybe a fox?
  • will
    "A new mascot is needed, maybe a fox?" Lylat wars was good, but it wasn't THAT good.
  • Sawyer
    Firstly, didn't everyone realise this years ago? Nintendo have long spent too long trying to cram Mario into games that would be better off without him. Secondly, they've already moved away from this approach by replacing Mario with more personal Miis. Hence Wii Sports was not Mario Sports as it so easily could have been, which would deter all but the most hardened Ninty fans. Thirdly, where is the logic in suggesting that Mario can solve these problems by moving to multiple consoles? If he isn't appealing to Nintendo owners, he certainly won't be appealing to the "serious gamers" (thanks Craig) on the Xbox and PS3.
  • Head
    They need a "Goldeneye" a system exclusive , that gets rated excellent and it sells systems. The wii fade is over and their new wii console might be a success if the new aliens game use's the joypad a motion tracker thingy. but then again the other consoles are getting the aliens game, so the new wii might flop.
  • Chris
    I'm sorry but this is rubbish based on old news. The losses are due to the launch of the 3DS, which didn't go as well as initially planned, but they are flying off the shelves now. I read something a little while ago that said the 3DS has sold more units now than the DS had at the same stage in its life, and the DS is the best selling handheld of all time! "Sonic the Hedgehog got a second lease of life after becoming available on all formats" I'm not sure if that line, and paragraph, are a joke or not. The truth is the Sonic games have been pretty rubbish since the move to 3D, and later to being multi-platform, and have lacked both the critical acclaim and sales they used to enjoy. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 both have Metacritic ratings of 97 out of 100, they are two of the greatest games of all time! 1 has sold over 10 million copies and 2 has sold over 6 million, numbers the Sonic series hasn't come anywhere near since the first 2D game in the early 90s! Nintendo aren't going to become another Sega any time soon.
  • Deed
    I have a Wii, and whilst I don't use it as often as my 360 or PS3, It has plenty of system-sellers in Mario Galaxy (definitely not part of the Mario problem, check Metacritic and sales), Zelda, Monster Hunter (absolutely huge in Japan, hardly flopped here either), and a host of other exclusives that don't consist of bulking up and shooting dudes in the face. I think the problem is this "serious gamers" stigma. There are plenty of brilliant games, and serious games, on the Wii. People just don't want to admit it in front of their "hardcore gamer" friends (that sentence was only half sarcastic).
  • JD64
    1. Release iOS + Android emulators for NES, Snes and N64. 2. Price them at 69p, £2.99 and £4.99 respectively 3. Charge 69p for each game download 4. ?????? 5. Profit Not implementing the above is what is really hampering their ability to "move into the digital age". These emulators are the only reason I keep my devices Jailbroken. Having a SNES emulator in my pocket that upscales to 1080p via the HDMI adapter and even can be connected to the Classic Wii controller via Bluetooth gives life to those older titles. Nintendo should be all over this. Sadly conventional handheld gaming is on the verge of death and these companies (looking at Sony too) need to move onto these convergent devices.
  • Mike H.
    So, Nintendo are blaming the saviour of the company for the predicted death of the company?

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