Manchester Airport hires hologram staff and no, you're not dreaming

31 January 2011

princess_leia_hologramManchester airport has decided to help us all to imagine a world where we're all feeling slightly mad and divorced from reality by introducing hologram staff.

Apparently, to help speed-up security queues, they're replacing real staff who are largely ignored in favour of holograms of the staff you previously ignored.

As of today, images of Manchester airport employees John Walsh and Julie Caper - which have been created using the same technology that brings the group Gorillaz to life - will be in force to tell you about liquids and that.

These terrifying holograms will be at the entrance to the security search area to talk to you about restrictions and whatnot. This way, passengers can spit and swear at those they feel are holding them up without fear of arrest or watching someone cry in a ball on the floor.

"We don't want anyone to have to throw their drink or make-up away so we've tried lots of different ways to reinforce the liquid rules, from posters to people dressed up as giant deodorant cans," the real Julie Caper says, adding to the bizarre dream-like feel of this who situation. "Maybe holograms are the answer? If our holograms help our passengers through the security process even quicker, then it will be a good thing."

We're clearly in the endgame folks.

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  • Michael O.
    Jaysus I be wonderin' where I can get sum cheap hollygrams of pilots?
  • Richard K.
    Any idea what this Julie Caper looks like? Would I smash it? If she's no looker than why not get some tasty lookalike in a bikini instead? I'd certainly pay more attention to it then. Hang on - is it an 'it' or a 'her'? Sky are going to have their work cut out pinning this one on me.
  • Mike K.
    Richard, not only are you a Neanderthal but you also appear to be a Luddite...why don't you follow the link in the article and see her for your self? ;)
  • Richard K.
    Mike, thanks for that. Needless to say i am very old fashioned. And i wouldnt go near Ms Caper with Andy Grays.
  • Alexis
    Surely big signs would be better? You're going to turn up half way through their speech and have to wait for the loop to start again. And if you're foreign you have to deal with the bloke's scouse accent, instead of being able to take your time with a sign.
  • Nob
    By the time you see this, it's too late anyway. You need to have put stuff in your check-in baggage at the check-in. If you have drink / make-up in your hand luggage and get to security, then you are going to have to chuck it / convince the security staff that you should be able to take it through (and a number let people get through with all sorts of creams), or drink it (if drink) or wear it (if makeup). At Changi I saw a woman not being allowed through to board with half a bottle of perfume and some cream to stop her looking quite so ugly or something like that. So she literally covered herself in perfume and finished off the tube of cream to use it all up.
  • Abu h.
    They have these at Luton airport aswell, about all they do have aswell.

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