Man scammed into buying a photo on an Xbox One for £450

xbox one square Peter Clatworthy got an unpleasant Christmas surprise when he was hoodwinked into buying a picture of an Xbox One for £450 on eBay.

Silly Peter. However, the season of goodwill is upon us and the high street's CeX felt sorry for him and decided that they would donate an Xbox One to him in time for Christmas, ensuring that he can ignore his entire family in favour of playing Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Peter said: "I'm just overwhelmed by the reaction to the story. All I wanted was a refund. I cannot believe this."

So how did this all come about? Well, Clatworthy saved up to get his hands on a limited-edition, Day One version of the Xbox One as a surprise for his four-year-old son, McKenzie. He paid the asking price and the packaging and waited. However, the listing itself actually stated that it was a picture of an Xbox for sale, which Peter clearly missed.

Clatworthy also managed to get a full refund with the help of eBay, which is remarkable. The seller has been banned from the website, even though it seems Peter is the only one who has strictly done something wrong here.

Either way, he's happy now and talking about CeX’s generosity, he added: "This shows there are some nice, kind people out there and it’s really overwhelming. I can’t thank them enough. I've had other people contact me to say they have been stung too but not reported it. I don’t think I’ll be shopping online anymore."

He's doing so well up until that last point wasn't he? Anyway, The Mirror have pictures of Peter Clatworthy and his Xbox if you'd like to see him looking sad next to a hedge.

Do make sure you read eBay listings properly if you're buying your presents online.


  • Carl
    Hmm, 19 years old, and has a four year old son. We know what he was doing when he should have been paying attention at school then...
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    Woah there. "even though it seems Peter is the only one who has strictly done something wrong here." No, the seller posted a misleading and fraudulent listing, clearly out to trick someone into being scammed. Peter made a dumb mistake, but the listing had information (category, tech specs) that implied a console was on offer. Besides, you're a few days late with this story.
  • Dick
    He got a refund and a free one, which made some nice cheap advertising for CeX. Now how many people will be scamming themself using a fake ebay account to try to get the same?
  • wonka
    See how intelligent this guy is via Twitter @pdotcnffc_
  • Chewbacca
    Perhaps if society didn't bend over to accommodate morons, this prick might have learnt a lesson. Instead, he gets his 15 mins of fame and a £429 freebie. This country just gets fucking worse.
  • Arseface
    Waiting for the headline, "Man Scams Cex into donating xbox from Ebay in buying picture hoax"
  • Quietus
    Sounds like his fault to me. If he doesn't (or can't) read, that's his fault. It reminds me of the guy a few years ago, who bought an Xbox box for £100.
  • Bogbrush
    and now CEX have given him one, as well as getting a paypal refund. AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHHHH
  • Nikey
    Idiot didnt bother to read description and he goes round moaning, and now gets a Free xbox ? REALLY ?
  • PJH
    But he /did/ read the description Nikey. From the Nottingham Post article: "Despite the listing stating it was a photo of an XBox One Day One edition console, Mr Clatworthy said he'd expected to receive the console as it was listed in the video games and consoles category on eBay. He said: "It said 'photo' and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine. "I looked at the seller's feedback and there was nothing negative. I bought it there and then because I thought it was a good deal." As Carl pointed out, the fact that he's 19 with a 4 yr-old son tells you all you really need to know about him.
  • Tits M.
    FFS, didn't know CEX was a charity for fucking idiots.
  • Not H.
    I also bought a picture of an XBox One and a photo of a PS4. Can I has free consoles?
  • Miguel I.
    19?? Yeah, right.
  • qwertyuiop
    You all laugh at this "idiot" and insult his intellect, but he's successfully duped both Ebay and CEX out of £450.00 and an Xbox One with a sob story that they're clearly too dumb to poke holes in. Who's the real idiot here?
  • jo
    This is an age old scam that seems to have recently resurfaced with the launch of some new consoles. If the listing is in the 'consoles' category rather than the 'photographs' category then the buyer could arguably expect to recieve a console. A photograph is not a console. Therefore the buyer in this case, regardless of who it was, would win a SNAD (significantly not as described) case on ebay with no problem. They would need to return the photograph to the seller via tracked delivery in order to receive a refund. Similarly, if the photograph was listed with the specifications of a console (for example, disk drive, wifi etc then the buyer would win a SNAD case if they received a photograph. A photo does not have wifi or the specs of a console. If the seller had listed the photo in the photography category and stated it was a photograph of an xbox and had NOT listed the specs of an xbox console the seller MAY have one a case. But if the listing was deemed by ebay to be misleading or implied the item was an actual xbox they would probably still lose. Ebay is a lot safer for buyers than sellers as there are always ways to get your money back. On the flip side, if you as a genuine seller sold somebody an xbox and the buyer claimed the item was not as described and returned a PHOTOGRAPH or an EMPTY BOX for example the seller would have MUCH more trouble appealing against a fraudulent buyer. Crazy.
  • jo
    judge judy deals with a similar situation very well
  • wonka
    @qwertyuiop he hasn't duped eBay out of anything. Don't forget it's for his son. "Ps4 or Xbox for my self #xboxone #ps4"
  • Joulupukki
    And what's a four year old going to do with an XBox? Dribble on it? Actually that's probably his dad's department.
  • JonB
    This could be a way to scam eBay and CEX: Get a mate to list something similar. Buy it. Moan that it is just a photo when it arrives. Get money back from eBay. Get charity console from CEX. Get your photo in the papers.
  • Anthony
    What you morons fail to realise is, it is against the rules of ebay to use deceptive tactics when listing items. The price in combination with a photo of an item that is worth hundreds of pounds is obviously meant to trick somebody into thinking they are getting an actual product worth £450, not a photo that anybody can get for free. Maybe you should do a little reading of Ebay's rules then you will realise the person who is at fault is the person who made the listing, not the buyer.
  • jim
    How the fuck can a 19 year old student afford to drop near £500 on a games console and own a Nottingham Forrest season ticket (£400+ min) and bring up child? That's our tax money working hard right there. He even tweeted that the console was for him and not his kid. Also, how the fuck can someone who decided to have child at 14/15 and bought what was clearly listed as a photo ("It said 'photo' ..." - his word) from a 7 rating BUYER be smart enough to be in further education? This guy should publicly ridiculed and shamed as a failed human being not given free stuff.
  • Anon
    "You all laugh at this “idiot” and insult his intellect, but he’s successfully duped both Ebay and CEX out of £450.00 and an Xbox One with a sob story" ---------------------- But he never got the photo in the end so he can't be that smart.
  • Data l.
    How the fuck can you reward stupidity on such a grand scale?
  • Spencer
    He is everything that is wrong with our welfare state People like this deserve to be publicly outed and ridiculed for the mouth breathing waste that they are.
  • Captain.Cretin
    I think the guys behind the film "Idiocracy" may actually turn out to be 100% correct. Any bets this guy will be a granddad by the age of 30?? This story is all about positive publicity for Ebay in the run up to Christmas, my experiences are with them telling me to "Eff Off" after PAYPAL fucked me over to the tune of £375.

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