Man meat is murder! But it probably tastes really, really good...

The British summer may have been lacking opportunities to roll out the gas-powered barbecue, but what's the point? There are only so many bleeding burgers and half-cooked sausages you can scoff before you vomit out your intestine. Besides, packs of meat from supermarkets is for amateurs - what you need is some proper meat inside you, but you'll also need something to cook it on. If only...:

Seems that some online stores are wide-open to easy hacks. Not that it should concern folks handing over credit card details or anything, no sir...

[The Register]


  • Mr S.
    It wasn't really a hack. Just a reader changing the URL.
  • Nobby
    Third party retailers can do the same on amazon. If you have permission to upload items for sale, you can upload joke items too.
  • Pedant
    *insert soylent green joke here*

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