Making a song and dance about ChatRoulette

ChatRoulette! It's not just a lot of cock and balls, you know! The anonymous video-chat stranger-finder service that is Taking The World By Storm™ may already have a reputation for perverts and exhibitionists, but there's plenty of alternative entertainment to be had, too. Such as... a man with a piano!


  • PaulH
    That was awesome...Better than the majority of kok n balls on there...
  • Billy
    Nice find, what's the odds on connecting to others like him, less than 0.000000001% I bet.
  • acecatcher3
    that is brilliant paul!
  • Nobby
    Excellent. One of the best things I've seen onthe net in months. Shame he didn't get longer with the dude at 4.29.
  • JonnySpandex
    LMAO! Do not watch that at work or you might get caught laughing your tits off!
  • 4 D.
    [...] Making a song and dance about ChatRoulette | BitterWallet [...]
  • Paul S.
    It's what the internet should be full of, isn't it? Brilliant.
  • stewhites
    Hmm, 4 clicks on Chatroulette revealed 2 guys jeking off. Yuurch
  • numptyj
    that is fricken awesome
  • Gregor
    33333333 muthafuckin 3 lol. nice find
  • Mark M.
    Amazing! This really has put me in a good mood
  • Chat B.
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  • Never B.
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