Make Skype calls directly from Outlook, if anyone still uses it

30 April 2013

Do you have Outlook? Well, you can now make Skype calls directly from it, which is great news for the six people who actually still use Outlook.

"We all face those situations where it's easier to jump on a call to talk something through. Sometimes that quick call can accomplish more than a long email reply," Simon Longbottom, Skype's senior director of product marketing, said in a blog post.

You'll have to download an add-on to use Skype and connect with your Microsoft account, which is a pain but you'll be able to merge your Skype and Outlook contacts, which may prove useful.

Of course, if you already have the Skype app, this is thunderously redundant.

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  • Terry K.
    Outlook is still very popular... I don't know where you got any information stating otherwise.
  • Joe
    It's not "Outlook", it's, the web-based email service that used to be Hotmail. And very nice it is too.
  • yak
    Seriously, please just stop with the tech news
  • Wilko
    Clearly missed the point. 90% of the business world still use outlook, so yes it is still used. But that is clearly irrelevant due to the complete lack of research - it is that can be connected to Skype - i.e. hotmail - NOT the desktop client. Another non-article.

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