Majority of illegal downloads are down to 'minority'

illegal-downloading Illegal downloading is a "minority activity" according to Ofcom, who reckon that 74% of copyright infringements were carried out by just 2% of internet users.

"There is, therefore, a long tail of casual, low level or infrequent infringers," the report said.

The report - funded by the Intellectual Property Office - showed that the highest incidence of infringement was due to people swiping music, but even then, only 9% of internet users actually infringed. When it comes to software and video games, the figure drops even further, to a paltry 2%.

On interesting find was that copyright infringers tend to spend more on legal content than those who don't illegally download.

The most common reasons for illegal downloading was, obviously the fact that it is free, but also, that "legal content is too expensive" or that they didn't want to wait for content to become available on legal services.

Ofcom said that no single enforcement solution is likely to address online copyright infringement: "A complementary mix of measures including better lawful alternatives, more education about copyright matters, and targeted enforcement is more likely to be successful," said the report.


  • oliverreed
    Just release material worldwide, cheaply, licenses to the material transcending format or hd/remastered editions with the right to sell on if you get bored.
  • Han S.
    So not many people actually download stuff and the ones who do spend even more on legal stuff than those who don't yet the music and film industry continue to blame piracy for everything. And didn't they say home taping/recording was going to be the death of the industry decades ago?
  • Captain.Cretin
    I dont know about everyone else, but with radio play lists so restricted, I download unknown bands/singers to give them a try; if I dont like them they get deleted, if I like them I buy their CDs - IF AVAILABLE IN THE UK. For example - Lucy Kaplansky - I downloaded a few songs, then ended up ordering her entire back catalog.
  • Parajumpers S.
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