L'Oreal show off patch that tells you you're burning

Sun Most of you reading this, will live somewhere that doesn't get much sunshine, so burning is not something you'll be too fussed about. Indeed, if you want to know if your skin is cooking or not, you'll simply kick your brain in gear and say 'I seem to be burning', and put some sun-cream on.

Well, that's not good enough for some folk. They'll be interested in L'Oreal, who have made a smartpatch, called My UV Patch.

Basically, it is a wearable skin sensor which monitors UV exposure, and with the help of an app on your phone, will tell you about protecting yourself from the sun.

"Connected technologies have the potential to completely disrupt how we monitor the skin's exposure to various external factors, including UV," says Guive Balooch, global vice president of L'Oreal's Technology Incubator. "Previous technologies could only tell users the amount of potential sun exposure they were receiving per hour while wearing a rigid, non-stretchable device."

So, while you're mucking around outside, you wear this patch and then scan it with your phone, and upload it. Then, the My UV Patch mobile app to tell you about how much UV you're being exposed to.

Here's a video of it.

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  • Jessie J.
    I wish they would make a patch to tell me when I'm on fire. I always have trouble with that. Do it like a dude.

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