Long, laborious bra drying may soon be a thing of the past....

bra_dryer Now there’s a better way to get that wet bra dried in a hurry, bang it on, and get out there with your chesticles supported and protected.

Ladies (and large-chested gents) – your days of hanging around waiting for your bras to dry are almost at an END.

We are proud to inform you of the existence of the Bra Dryer 2.0 from Ricasol. Using infrared light to warm up and evaporate moisture in the bra's padding and fabric, it’ll dry your bra out in 20 to 30 minutes, leaving it in perfect shape and not battered around the place by a tumble dryer or hanging on the washing line for half a day.

Speaking of hanging around, the Bra Dryer itself was developed in 2009, but the company behind it held it back due to the poor economic climate. Things are clearly on the up for us all now, and tit should be available soon for somewhere between $150-200.

It. It should be available soon. Sorry.

Below: some keen Bra Dryer customers, yesterday...


  • Captain W.
    I don't approve of any invention that means there'll be less bras on my neighbours washing lines for me to steal and parade around in
  • zeddy
    I'll warm yer tits for ye while ye wait darlin'

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