London Underground mobile network scrapped

1 April 2011

london_underground_signYou know how Boris Johnson wanted a mobile phone network installed on the London underground so everyone could tweet and text their way around the 2012 Olympic Games?

It's not happening.

The TfL, 02, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere and 3 have all agreed to shrug and give up on the project thanks to it all seeming like it was a bit of a ballache to sort out.

The Guardian reports that Huawei, a Chinese network equipment supplier, was prepared to donate £50m of equipment to wire up the network and the networks were going to pay for 3G networks to be installed. However, they're not going to bother now.

Of course, other places - like Paris - already have mobile signals on their underground, leaving Britain looking Victorian, again.

Transport for London said: "The mayor and TfL made it clear that, given the financial pressures on TfL's budgets, any solution would have to have been funded through mobile operators with no cost to fare or taxpayers. The parties were not able to agree a viable proposal, and the project is therefore not being progressed at this time."

So a massive waste of time for everyone who sat down to try and work out how this was going to get rolled out then.

A spokesperson for Johnson said: "We are grateful to the companies who explored the possibility of getting full mobile coverage on the tube, although disappointed the genuine problems encountered could not be overcome on this occasion. It remains a long-term goal."

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  • Boris
    Not a waste of time at all. We had lots of lunches to work on this project with lashings of ginger beer. Toot Toot!
  • The B.
    Hurrah! Saves the battery on my jammer for the train.
  • Laura K.
    "Of course, other places – like Paris – already have mobile signals on their underground, leaving Britain looking Victorian, again." Paris... and Glasgow:
  • me
    Good, At least a place where we don't have to hear those idiots shouting on the mobiles for 1hr!
  • veedubjai
    All talk & no action. Typical of this nation when it try to catch up with the rest of the world when it comes to implementing new technologies. Every fucker wants short term monetary gains.
  • Brad
    Good, Most people dont want it anyway. Bad enough on the overground, dont want to hear someone calling someone a cunt or shouting like they can hear you in Africa with out the phone.
  • Zleet
    You don't have mobile reception on the London underground? Even the Newcastle Metro system has had mobile reception upgraded so I'm surprised London hasn't.

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