Location aware wifi set to ruin all gigs

3 March 2014

A UK-based start up called Mobbra is currently developing location aware wifi, called Massivity, which works using wifi connection points linked to an app called Fangage (which sounds a bit rude).
It’s designed to be used at gigs and festivals, and it could herald a new wave of mobile related annoyingness.

So let's say you’re one of those bollockheads that likes to experience a gig by watching it through the small rectangular screen of your phone.

Massivity could help you find where the beer tent is, tell you the name of the song that’s playing, or - now there are no more cigarette lighters allowed at gigs - it could make the LED torch on your phone light up along with 3000 others during an ‘uplifting’ part of a Coldplay concert.

Do you wish you were dead yet?

In a test, Mobbra were able to make 1000 Samsung phones play the same video, light up and vibrate at the same time. But whether you want your phone to be controlled by Big Brother from a random wifi point and turned into a glorified glow stick is another matter.

But one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be really, really irritating - for musicians and everyone else.


  • Baz
    I wish my phone had the option to turn wifi off.... Oh wait.
  • Han S.
    Could always turn your Wifi off

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