'Like' curly fries or thunderstorms on Facebook, and you're officially clever

Time to start updating your CVs, because being clever just got a whole lot easier. Once, you had to read loads of books and watch foreign films, but now, all you have to do is click some 'like' buttons on Facebook.

Apparently, you show off how brainy you are if you 'like' curly fries, thunderstorms, Mozart and Morgan Freeman’s voice.

The news isn't so good if you 'like' iPods because that means you're dissatisfied with life. 'Liking' Terry Pratchett means you're too shy. And if you're the kind of person who 'likes' 'Watching Peoples' Lives Fall Apart Via Status Updates And News Feeds', then chances are, you're mum and dad aren't going to break up.

Wondering what the crap is going on? Well, researchers at Cambridge's Psychometric Centre have been analysing 'likes'. Michal Kosinski, its operations director, said 'liking' curly chips was a very strong predictor for high intelligence. He said: "I have very little idea why."

"The spooky thing is that these traits can be deduced from things that aren’t very obvious. Those who indicate they 'like' few things can also be accurately gauged, because they only tend to express their preferences publicly when they feel strongly about them."

"Some 'likes' betray characteristics that are perhaps hidden from immediate view. For example, people from broken homes tend to 'like' overtly emotional gestures, such as 'I’m sorry I love you', but those from secure family backgrounds do not bother with such expressions, and can even be quite callous. For instance, ‘liking’ the statement ‘Watching Peoples’ Lives Fall Apart Via Status Updates And News Feeds’ is highly associated with coming from a secure family."

Who is this information useful to? This being Facebook, there's only one answer: arseholes in advertising.


  • klingelton
    I got half way through this article and the grammar and journalism style made me read the author's name. Once I realised it was Mof, I stopped reading.
  • jo
    what does it say about you if you 'like' bitterwallet?
  • Dr Z.
    I like eating curly fries whilst talking like Morgan Freeman.
  • R.Branson
    Facebook's for knobs
  • kv
    Like anything on Facebook and you're officially a twat
  • Aunt B.
    If you've ever had a Facebook account your officially a twat.

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