LibDems seemingly take orders from recording industry

12 March 2010

digitalbritainRemember that story about the Liberal Democrats being dribbling dipshits concerning the Digital Economy Bill? (it's here, if you don't). If you can't be bothered clicking the link, basically, the kicker is this: they proposed an amendment to the Digital Economy Bill that would allow for national web-censorship.

It prompted one Bitterwallet reader to howl: "The Lords are a bunch of pompous old wankers and that's being kind to them." Well, get ready to have your gears really ground down to iron filings.

A document has been leaked from the British Phonographic Institute which seems to suggest the amendment was basically written by the record industry lobby and entered into law on their behalf by representatives of the "party of liberty."

Essentially, the recording industry told the LibDems what to put in and they gleefully played ball. They must be getting paid in boxsets or something. It's obvious that parliamentarians don't see that copyright laws are wildly out-of-date (can't transfer a CD onto my computer? Piss off!) and that it's not solely about 'inter-business regulation and deals'. If they get this wrong then it could shaft our freedom of speech.

So quite why the LibDems thought it would be okay to go to one side of the fence concerning the amendment without talking to the rest of us first is beyond me.



  • Nobby
    From what I heard on the news the last couple of days, the Lib Dems will soon be taking their direction from the British Pornographic Institute
  • Tom
    From what I've heard it's going to be an "orgy" of an affair, and I hope Nick Clegg can DP both Brown and Cameroon, before finishing off with a double facial.
  • Jim A.
    Lib Dems will NEVER be in Government, so never listen to a word they say
  • Mark P.
    Clegg: Cafe Ole...pour vous (proffers stained fingers)
  • (jah) w.
    They'll never be in government, so we shouldn't ever listen to them? Are you for real? This is pathetic though, politicians of every party are scum, just the tories that little bit more so.
  • Brad
    I more then welcome our new British Pornographic Institute Overlords.
  • Nick B.
    [...] while ago, we told you about the Liberal Democrats being a bit simple minded when tackling the Digital Economy Bill. Clegg & Co. wanted an amendment in the bill that would allow national web-censorship and, [...]

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