LG unveil amazing twin washing machine

The Consumer Electronics Showcase is pulling them out of the bag this week, with news of LG's Twin Wash washing machine.

While not a particularly new concept to anyone who can remember twin tub washers, LG's Twin Wash will allow you to do two washes at once, wherein you can separate your big and bulker garments in the main drums and do your knickers in the smaller tub.


Basically, you can do two different loads at different temperatures at the same time, which seems devilishly simple as an idea, and lord knows how humanity went without it for quite so long.

According to LG, rather than being a single product, the secondary washer can be purchased separately and integrated with any of the company's most recent front-loading machines.

In terms of the specs, the slim inverter direct-drive motor comes with a 10-year warranty as well as the company's smart diagnosis feature. Which probably translates as good news to anyone who has ever had to lug a washing machine down four floors only to discover a massive bit of concrete in it.

“Today’s busy families consider laundry to be less like a chore and more like a chess match,” LG's guv'nor David VanderWaal said, referring to figuring out competing settings for colours, whites, delicates and more. A mini-washing machine serving as a pedestal to a main washer lets laundry-doers “divide and conquer,” he continued. Jesus, it's just some boxer shorts and a couple of t-shirts mate.

Obviously because the future, the system can use an LG HomeChat wireless network to let people monitor progress using smartphones: "We are going to help consumers spend less time in the laundry room and more time in the rooms where they want to be."

So maybe, LG's gonna be the one to save thee. Thanks after all, to Mr VanderWaal!

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