LG to launch new Pocket Printer

30 December 2013

"Is that a tiny printer in your pocket or are you pleased to see me... oh good god, he's printed a small picture of his penis out!" That could be the cry you hear if you're interested in buying LG's latest gizmo, the Pocket Printer 2. Think of it like a Polaroid for 2014.

You plug it into your mobile or tablet and you can print images off when you feel like it. Excellent for very small invoices and the like.


This new gadget will be showcased at CES 2014 in January and is the follow-up to the first Pocket Printer which was launched earlier in the year.

The new one will be thinner and with a better battery. LG reckon it'll be able to print 30 pictures on a single charge.

It comes with two connectivity options – NFC and Bluetooth - and supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, with Android users getting extra options.

Fancy one?


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  • Vicky G.
    Cool gadget! Now people can directly print their selfie pictures on the go.
  • James E.
    Uhmm, Polaroid did one about 5 years ago the 'Polaroid PoGo', so nothing new here.
  • Darius
    Will I look Korean in my photos? Those pictures all do.
  • Nick
    Didn't Nintendo do one for the Gamboy years ago?

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