LG introduces cloud service across smartphones, smart TVs and PCs

1 May 2012

Bitterwallet - LG becomes PacManEveryone is cloud mad at the minute, like they're all trying to find hidden levels on Fantasy World Dizzy. The most notable cloud service of late was Google Drive (which caused some ownership kerfuffles) and now, LG have announced one of their own. Dubbed LG Cloud, it will launch in beta tomorrow.

The service will allow you to share content across multiple devices, including Android smartphones, smart LG TVs, and PCs. How do you get it? Get yourself to Google Play (the artist formerly known as the Android Market) or LG SmartWorld and download the app to your Android device or as a SmartWorld app on LG TVs.

Once you've got everything synchronized, the apps will automatically share data and content between each device. For those of you still confused, you can shoot a video on your phone and view it on your TV without much fuss.

Basically, you can miss out all that annoying download wait which other cloud services fall short on. Where the LG cloud comes a cropper is that it will be limited to LG-brand TVs (and possibly LG phones running Android) while Google Drive can be used on any computer and Android phone.

So there.


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