LG develops creepy child tracking device

10 July 2014

kizon Want your child to grow up anxious and smothered? Well, why not clamp a wristband tracking device to your kid’s arm, so that you can watch them like a hawk at all times?

Now that’s a reality, thanks to LG, who plan to introduce their Kizon in America, South Korea and Europe. Using GPS and WiFi, the band tells you where your kid is. Your child can also call you by pressing a button on the front and droning on to you about loom bands while you’re at work.


It’s aimed at pre-school and primary school children, but people have already pointed out several flaws in LG’s plan.

'A parent should never solely rely on a device alone. This will only give a false sense of security,’ said Peter Bradley from Kidscape. ‘Children still need to be taught about dangers - particularly 'stranger danger'. There are ethical points to consider too - should a child be able to be traced as part of going about their daily lives? How can a child develop their own coping strategies knowing a parent is watching over them?’

Meanwhile, privacy experts have pointed out that other people could use the device to get access to a child’s location, too. And imagine the parent-panic if your child attaches the device to a stray dog's leg and watches it wander off into a city.

Honestly, it's so complicated. Whatever happened to shouting ‘COME IN FOR YOUR TEA OR I’LL BATTER YOU!’ out of the window?

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  • OldGit
    What about tracking the non-creepy children, is there a device for that?

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