Lexus make actual, real-life hoverboard

5 August 2015

lexus hoverboard  source: Lexus International Are you sick of all these people who watched Back to the Future, complaining about hoverboards? Are you tired of all these marketing teams who pretend to have invented a hoverboard, when they haven't?

Well, looks like Lexus have brought the first ever real, actually working hoverboard to the world. Of course, we're sceptical, but we'd really like this to be true, mainly to shut the traps of '80s nostalgia divs.

The car manufacturer has shown off their board, which is powered by superconductors and magnets, which ride over a special magnetic track. So obviously, you can't ride anywhere you want with it, but this is the future - the future sometimes comes in baby steps.

The gadget uses liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and magnets to make the board float. This is pretty similar to some of the things that have gone before, but y'know, FLOATING SKATEBOARDS.

In the Lexus video, professional skateboarder Ross McGouran gives it a whirl and falls off a lot.

If you'd like to see it in action, and pretend that you'd have the money to buy one if they went on sale, watch the video below. The bit where it goes over water looks like fun, in fairness.

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  • jt
    It is a board that hovers, but since it can only run on tracks embedded in the ramps then it's not really the future we were promised.
  • Marvin
    Couldn't they just invent a car that has decent fuel economy.

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