Let’s all watch the World’s Biggest Telly!

12 June 2014

Titan-Zeus-370-inch-Ultra-HD-TV-image-2 Want to buy the BIGGEST TELLY IN THE UNIVERSE? A telly that will enable you to actually go INSIDE THE NASAL PORES OF CLAIRE BALDING? A telly so massive that you won’t be able to fit it into your house?

Well, welcome to the Titan Zeus, which measures 8 metres by 5 metres and costs ONE MILLION POUNDS. But hurry, there are only 4 of them!

It’s doubtful that we’re all going to be flocking to Currys to buy one for our living rooms, but the Zeus might come in handy for large events and screenings. Two have already been sold – one to the Cannes Film Festival, where it will be used to screen World Cup games. The other owner is anonymous, but I bet it’s Kimye.

Anyway, this telly is so FREAKIN’ BIG that on the Titan website, they’ve used an elephant to illustrate its scale. (And the elephant fits neatly into the right hand bottom corner).

You also don’t have to be restricted to one channel. Its immensity means that you can watch 20 channels at the same time.

Whoo, that’s one big telly. Can you imagine the guy from Homes Under The Hammer on a screen the size of four elephants? TERRIFYING.

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