Less the Cult of Apple, more a wedding congregation

“We got to know each other because Ting was looking to buy an iPod - and I managed to strike up a conversation that way. Ting came up with the idea of having the wedding there. I used to joke that the Apple Store is my church because I am not religious, and I loved everything Apple.”

So you were the one in a million who a) spotted a live girl in an Apple Store, and b) somehow wooed her with your mastery of the iPod. That doesn't mean you had to marry her there. And the priest was dressed as Steve Jobs, you say? Fuck entirely off.


  • Chamois
    Well, she looks nice from behind and I suppose that is all that matters!! ;-)
  • Remembering R.
    [...] Less the Cult of Apple, more a wedding congregation | BitterWallet [...]
  • init
    Did they exchange iPods?
  • goon
    what a pair of absolute lifeless goons
  • Junkyard
    He's gonna be kicking himself when Girlfriend 3GS comes out.
  • dunfyboy
    What a couple of knobs. That's what the groom will be seeing when he climbs in to bed to seal the deal. Woman in a Apple store indeed. Don't make me laugh.
  • Nobby
    That's so romantic. I forsee more weddings by the bins at the back of Tescos. When they get divorced (and they will, probably next month), is there an app for that?
  • Amanda H.
    The brides face: http://www.dailyhaha.com/_pics/ugly_bride_to_be.jpg

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