Legal news: The meter's running for new Streatham taxi firm

Some quotes from Streatham businessman Kaz Odutayo...

“I have not used [Google’s] logo. If they have any problems they can contact me.”

“It is because of my African accent. I say ‘Go and Gooogle it’. It is because of the way I speak.”

(When questioned about whether he had acquired the relevant trading licences) “We have done everything that needs to be done.”


How long do we all give it then?

[Your Local Guardian - who might want to take another look at their own name and logo]


  • vibeone
    I spy a flaw in the 24 hour service claim....
  • Nigel
    Deport him!
  • Mike H.
    It IS because he is black, innit.
  • daniel
    @vibeone - nice spot
  • Tom
    Just because it's a 24 hour service, does not mean the shop is open 24 hours
  • Mike H.
    It doesn't say 24/7 vibeone, could be Sunday, or they could mean it takes them 24hrs dick head.
  • FatalException
    I don't like that lower case 'h' in "24 hour Service". Deport him.
  • vibeone
    @daniel - I have no spots. Not since 2002. @Mike Hock - I remember when you weren't funny, back when BW first started. Good to see you've stuck to your brand values!
  • Mike H.
    Who said I was trying to be funny?
  • Sicknote
    Well I've been running a small local chemist store for about 18 months now; if you're in the area of the Wandsworth young offenders institute pop in to say 'hi'. It's called Booots
  • vibeone
    @Mike Hock – No one that I know of? Why do you ask, would you like me to say you were trying to be funny?
  • Exit b.
    Looks like he's ripping off the London Underground logo as well......
  • Boris
    The Bastard! I spent ages designing that logo. If only there was a simple way of finding out where his shop was I'd send the boys around to adjust his, shall we say, attitude.
  • samuri
    @vibeone, Thick cunt.
  • Mustapha S.
    I wonder if he'll still be smiling like paedophile in a playground if some comedian opened a chop called 'cooons' next door
  • Mustapha S.
    Oh ffs. That joke isn't even that funny if I could spell.
  • Mike H.
    Seem to have rattled your cage vibeone, my work here is done.
  • vibeone
    Consider my cage unrattled.
  • Mike H.
    Nah, it's still rattled. Be healed my child, meditate and heal yourself.
  • Happp
    the guy has been refused planning permission but nevertheless he went ahead and done it.
  • Mustapha W.
    I wonder if he’ll still be smiling like a Daily Mail reader at an anti-immigration rally if some comedian opened a shod called ‘I'm a twaat’ next door
  • Mike H.
    I love the dark meat

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