Lawsuit accuses Apple of deliberately bricking iPhone 3G

4 November 2010

iphone 4A while ago, we noted that Apple's iOS4 was turning 3G iPhone's into bricks. People's phones were useless and lumpy and now, Apple are being sued by an iPhone user as a result.

One peeved owner is alleging that the company deliberately hampered the performance in 3G handsets when they upgraded them to the iOS 4 operating system - in order to improve sales of the iPhone 4.

In a civil case, Bianca Wofford is claiming that Apple turned her handset into a useless lump of circuits and that she couldn't go back to an older version of the operating system to fix the problems.

She says in her complaint:

"Apple has falsely, intentionally and repeatedly represented that iOS 4, was a significant upgrade for the functionality of all iPhone devices, when in fact, the installation and use of the iOS 4 on iPhone 3G resulted in the opposite - a device with little more use than a paper weight."

“This whole situation was created to be a consumer Catch 22 by Apple in order for the company to promote sales of its just released iPhone 4 and cause consumers to simply abandon the earlier 3G and 3GS platforms.”

Thus far, Apple are staying quiet on the whole thing. While it's fair to say iOS4 did make a mess of the 3G handset, subsequent updates have restored handsets to their former speed and functionality.


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  • Alexis
    Oh dear. Silly woman has no idea. What possible evidence does she have?
  • willy-wonka
    I don't get all the hassle, my 3g has been fine and gone through all updates sweet as a nut?
  • The B.
    I haven't had a single problem with my 3G since I upgraded it to a Desire.
  • Rumplestiltskin
    What's an iPhone?
  • blagga
    who cares?
  • hcg d.
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