Law student accuses Facebook of massive data breaches

19 October 2011

Bitterwallet - Facebook censorshipSome law student from Vienna, who clearly doesn't have much on at the minute, is pointing a finger at Facebook and saying that they're committing multiple breaches of European data protection laws.

Massive surprise.

Max Schrems found out some pretty lousy information from evidence that Facebook themselves provided him with.

Schrems exercised his (and anyone's) legal right to obtain a CD of all information that Facebook held regarding him. Looking around, he found a load of information about him that wasn't included on the disc.

As such, he's now filed 22 complaints to the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland, where Facebook's European operation is based. He also created a website Europe vs Facebook, which urges other bored EU citizens to chase after Facebook with pitchforks.

There's a video interview with Schrens here, explaining it all.

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  • FaceOff
    Interestingly, (i.e. not) if you read the FaceBook terms I think you will find they are fairly crap about privacy. I am basing this statement on the terms as they were many moons ago when I last looked at them (I don't actually revisit them that often, as I can usually find some drying paint for better entertainment). As a result of their "we don't actually give a shit about your rights because that is how we profit from you" attitude, I decided to be the only person in the civilised world to not sign up for an account. The down side to this is that I have to talk to my friends, and to go outside sometimes. It is not much of a life compared to being "in" face book, but hey, there has to be some loonies to make the world go round.
  • Craig
    That's where you're wrong faceoff - I too am not on ArseFace as I am quite happy with all other means of communication, and when I get the inevitable emails inviting me to look at friends photos if I just sign up for an account, I merrily hit the delete button whilst muttering, "Up yours ArseFace"
  • Wonky H.
    Honestly, who gives a fuck. These people freely give ArseFace their information and then complain when ArseFace goes blabbing about it to any company that gives them some money. Schrems sounds like a right numpty.
  • Dan
    I joined fbook, If you need to regularly promote events its a necessary evil was mildly wary only added things I wanted to share with the world. Unfortunately other people add content to fbook without my permission all the time, mostly photos of me, but also comments about me. I have no control over this whatsoever, as fbook seems to be moderated mostly by bots and scripts with a minimum of human input, no way that I can find to contact a moderator. (and trust me I have tried) there is no way other than contacting the person who uploaded the material to get it removed.

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