King of Booze challenges you to rule your alcoholism!

There's a new game in town called King of Booze. The game, which encourages you to get absolutely shitfaced, is for up to 12 players, who can choose from a number of avatars before getting stuck into an in-game alcotest and numerous challenges and dares.

"Want to make a certain someone drink more? Do you want to get on someone's ‘bad side’? Will you get naked or wasted? Should you show off your singing, dancing, parkour powers or just keep to yourself and drink?" says the game.

Players either accept more booze or take a challenge.

"These are only some of the many options we came up with," explain Daygames. "Since we know we will never be as creative as the people of internet we created an option for you to edit and add your own random fields and we are letting YOU decide the ‘price’ in drinks for choosing not to do the challenge."

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