Kinect shortages reported but it isn't a marketing stunt, honest

7 December 2010

kinectWretched and ancient as I am, I can't accept computer games that don't work best with a joypad. Christ. I'm still saying 'computer games' and 'joypad'. I'm going to start thrilling about Kempston joysticks if I'm not careful and enthusing about games that don't take 20 minutes to load.

Anyway, the world seems to be moving toward a more freeform way of playing games, kicked off by the Eye Toy, taken on by Wii and now, realised by Microsoft's Kinect. And everyone is going nutso over the latter.

So much so that it is selling out in the shops. No surprise there, right? Well, the retail sector smell a rat. They're saying that they are not only running short of 250GB Xbox 360 consoles, but stock levels of Kinect aren't where they would like them to be.

Some have suggested that Microsoft is intentionally limiting the numbers of Kinect shipped in an effort to keep demand high.

However, sources close to Microsoft are saying that this isn't the case at all, mainly because they've not been known to do this in the past. It is being suggested that the hold-up is due to a slow turnaround in manufacturing.

The U.S. and U.K. have been affected the most by this with some retailers having no idea whether they'll be able to get more in before Christmas. It seems you may have to act quickly if you're considering buying one. Now, if you don't mind, I've got a game of Fantasy World Dizzy on the go that needs finishing.


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  • Alexis
    Saw the Gadget Show last night and you need a mansion sized room to play. They'll be a lot of disappointed kids on Christmas morning.
  • Paul
    No you don't, you need approx 6 ft (or at least your own height if more) depth plus 4-5ft wide. Plus about and additional 2ft back and 3 ft wide if you're introducing a second player. We have just under this, in a 2 bed piece of crap, and yes it bugs out sometimes but not that much. Any smaller and it would be a serious problem. Good lighting is helpful. Not sure why I bothered writing this...:/
  • The B.
    I used to have a Kempston II, the auto-fire never bloody worked (except on things like "cosmic kanga" where it was useless).
  • The P.
    Up yours Bob and Paul
  • Alexis
    "No you don’t, you need approx 6 ft (or at least your own height if more) depth plus 4-5ft wide. Plus about and additional 2ft back and 3 ft wide if you’re introducing a second player." So 8 feet x 8 feet for two people? So that eliminates anyone in a flat, or the games room of my local pub (they use a Wii).
  • Steve O.
    If you want to play a board game you need a large table. If you want to play the PS3 you need a television. For fuck's sake, why is needing a bit of space to wave your arms and legs about suddenly a stick to beat the Kinect with? It's a requirement because the camera needs to see all of your body to work. If you haven't got the space, don't buy one. Simple as that. But since it works in the vast majority of living rooms stop making it such an issue.
  • Phil
    Or anyone with a 3 bed house with furniture, not that it matters anyway as the mortgage on the place means I can't afford a Kinect any how!
  • Ben
    Well, I bought one on launch day for £120, and my lounge is half a foot too small to use it properly. Which is shit. So if anyone wants to buy a barely used one, I'll take sensible offers....
  • Netizen
    No, the shops just aren't above lying their asses off to scare people into buying. Two weeks ago our GAME had a sign outside saying "LAST CHANCE TO BUY KINECT BEFORE XMAS". Only takes one uninformed parent to buy one on the spot to make it worthwhile.
  • -]
    Console companies lying about stock levels to hype a product at xmas? It would never happen[!]
  • Pedant
    God I want to play Dizzy games now. Damn you.

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