Kim Dotcom to bring back MegaUpload?

Kim Dotcom to bring back MegaUpload?

The notoriously shy internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, is planning on bringing back the Megaupload storage system in 2017.

If you've missed Dotcom's antics, he's variously been in trouble for computer fraud, data espionage, insider trading, criminal copyright infringement, money laundering, and more.

He's not been found guilty of all of these things, but lets just say that the authorities are all very familiar with our Kim.

Either way, the original Megaupload file-sharing site was a huge deal, and at peak, it had around 50 million users a day. It was closed down by US authorities over copyright arguments.

Even though legal wrangles aren't done, Dotcom is all ready to launch a new service, which will apparently reinstate the accounts of all former users.

Kim Dotcom says that this new thing will be formally launched on 20th January, and it looks like it'll involve Bitcoin in some way. What for, we're not sure, but Dotcom will make it all clear in due course.

Emails will be sent to those who used to use MegaUpload, informing them that it'll be ready to use.

The 2017 version will apparent have 100GB of storage for each user, no data-transfer limits, and will allow you to synchronise all your devices to it.

Meanwhile, US authorities are still trying to extradite Dotcom.

Of course, the last time the police chased Kit Dotcom (allegedly) in a helicopter, he very graciously took some photos of it and shared it with everyone.

It looked like this.

Things will certainly be a lot less dull with Kit Dotcom back in the game, that's for sure.

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