Kim Dotcom is back!

Kim-Dotcom After a troubling year, Kim Dotcom is back! What's he up to this time? Well, he's said that he's preparing to release a fully-encrypted video calling and chat service. It'll be able to protect your communications from snooping governments and surveillance.

"Mega will soon release a fully encrypted and browser-based video call and chat service including high-speed file transfers. Bye Bye Skype." tweeted Dotcom.

"No U.S.-based online service provider can be trusted with your data," added Kim Dotcom. "They must provide the U.S. government with backdoors."

Of course, this is in reference to all the leaks surrounding Edward Snowden. After he finished whistleblowing, a good number of people decided that 2014 would be the year they almost wholly wore tinfoil hats.

Dotcom hasn't given a release date for this new service, but it does look like it'll be called MegaChat. French speaking countries will no doubt have a laugh at that.

"I will tweet about beta invites to #MegaChat in the coming weeks. This is going to be THE END of NSA mass surveillance & YOU WILL LOVE IT!" tweeted Kim Dotcom.


  • George C.
    Note to ISIS - please don't use these services. Please?
  • Links T.
    [...] Kim Dotcom is back! [...]
  • Zebedee E.
    If the backdoors were used to solely monitor and tackle barbarian attacks then I'm sure the whole world would be against private services but the fact is they are used also for the infringement of civil liberties and as a way to wage 'capitalist' war. I'm all for capitalism and global economics but using government level access to private data to destroy the reputations of foreign competitors seems immoral to me - especially when successful native business men/women are guilty of the same accusations. And lets not forget the volumes of humanitarian work that would have gone undone had secure communications not been available - privacy isn't killing people, the people are doing that by themselves.

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