Kiddle, the search engine for children

All hail the child-friendly search engine called Kiddle, which sounds like an unfortunate portmanteau for someone who does horrible things to children. Either way, if you have a child and worry about what they're looking for online, you might want to steer them toward this (as if they can't circumnavigate anything you throw at them).

It looks like this, right now.


Of course, it'll work in basically the same way as Google does, however, the results are massively filtered, so your infants don't see beheading videos or loads of dirty photos.

The first three posts will be kid-friendly, while the following results will be written in simple, easy to understand language.

So, we've done some rudimentary searches, and Kim Kardashian results won't feature her posterior or a sweating Ray J, but rather, a bio of her, something about the app, and that she's a reality TV star. No breaking the internet there.

However, Kiddle clearly have some work to do, because the sponsored ads feature something you might not want to have to explain to your child.

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  • gap
    Kiddle was not launched by Google and is made by another company using Google's back-end technologies and safe search. It is not affiliated to Google:

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