John Lewis now selling broadband for some reason

john lewisThe cult of John Lewis (all workers are a 'family' apparently, like a retail Waco or something) has decided to branch out a little and is now offering broadband to everyone.

There's three packages available, with the basic lot setting you back a very reasonable £11 per month. The vague catch is that you have to take a John Lewis phoneline too, which costs £13.50 per month. Still pretty cheap. For your money, you get speeds (up to, natch) 16Mb with a monthly 20GB download limit, despite the offputting download limit.

This service replaces the existing Waitrose and Greenbee broadband and apparently, there's no hidden fees or activation costs, which makes a change.

They'll also be offering an Unlimited package which offers the same speed at Standard but with no download limits. That'll cost you £18 per month, not including line rental. The top package, called Fibre, will cost you £25 per month with speeds of 38Mb and a 100GB monthly usage limit.

Adam Brown, telecoms manager at John Lewis and all-round commerce David Koresh, said: "This move complements the range of services and products we offer - over 80 per cent of our consumer electronics sales are Wi-Fi enabled and we know our customers want the same honest and trustworthy experience from their internet provision as they would expect from any product they buy from us."

"John Lewis broadband gives customers an upfront and transparent price on a range of broadband and phone packages with no hidden terms and conditions, a simple 12 month contract with no hidden catches and the excellent customer service that we are renowned for."

Alright Adam, calm down.


  • Mike H.
    Actually, this is quite clever. People will buy into this because the customer will feel they have a greater sense of safety, better 'UK based' customer service/technical support and better quality of service from JL, not a 2 bob broadband supplier like Pedo Pete down the road.
  • Mary H.
    Where the fucks the story about Ducati, the Italian Motorcycle manufacturer (for those dopey cretins) being bought by Audi, the manufacturer of cars driven by cunts. I'm not 'ever' buying another Ducati 'EVER' again.
  • klingelton
    im with Mary on this one - possibly the biggest bit of consumer news for the past couple of weeks... no story. Could give 2 shits about John Lewis supplying broadband. Starting to wonder why I come to this site!
  • Pedo P.
    Klingleton, most of us are here to spam, flame and troll. Don't read the stories, just take the piss and keep the BW amused. It stops them thinking about their shitty job and sad little existence.
  • Mary H.
    If BMW start selling me water, I'm fucked.
  • P C.
  • Mary H.
    And what about the fact that it's St. George's Day? And the day the ZX spectrum was released? (According to Google anyway...) Where the fuck is your patriotism BW? You give us stories about John Lewis doing broadband! You fucking CRETINS!
  • Kevin
    @Mary why would I want to know about some Roman who was born in Palestine? Not like the other patron saints get their own bank holiday and we're missing out is it.
  • shagnasty
    Coffin shaped pie anyone ?
  • klingelton
    if that pie has fox meat on it. The worst thing is, my boycott didn't last long at all before I'm back here. I guess my existence is a little sadder than the mods. :(
  • Boris
    Pie? Where?
  • The m.
    Why Moff has the worst articles?? Why does he still bother?
  • Joe
    I had Greenbee broadband for over a year. It was shit. This John Lewis broadband will be just as shit. I ditched them as soon as was practicable.
  • Mike H.
    A quick wikipedia scan get you that info Kev? Google, allowing people to seem intelligent since 1998. You fucking cretin!
  • Dr L.
    I tried looking up puppylingus on Wikipedia and got Puppy Linux.
  • The B.
    @Kevin, I believe that St George was born in Turkey not Italy. Just saying.

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