- Jeeves is back, but you'll still use Google

We've got Google and we'll no doubt become acquainted with the real-time search capabilities of Twitter, should the often-rumoured Google/Twitter deal ever occur. But what about the rest of the search engines out there? We've just checked and Alta Vista still exists. Remember them? And AOL appear to be still in business, too. The battle for search has been won, though - Google accounts for 90 per cent of all requests, leaving the dozens of other pretenders to scrat about for the remaining ten per cent. are gagging for it, so much so that they've undergone yet another re-brand today, reverting to the character they scrapped three years ago to save them. Because what the technologically-crazed 21st Century world needs is the reassuring hand of a century-old valet ripped from the fiction of P. G. Wodehouse.

The site dropped Jeeves in 2006 to concentrate on portraying Google as some totalitarian overlord and as the underground resistance. Or some such bollocks, anyway:

Two years later the marketing team realised they'd be set on fire for what they'd done, and so dropped the radicalised adverts and tried a simpler approach, as in a handheld camera filming a computer screen, and a bit of shiny Ajax code to jazz up what otherwise looked like Google.

That was just six months ago. Gotta love those marketing boys and girls. The company is now aiming to concentrate on delivering search results specific to questions asked by users, and create subtle but distinct difference between itself and Google, although there have been whispers that have in the past used Google for their search results. You'll still use Google regardless. Game over.


  • Anna
    I've found myself using other search engines than google lately. A few months ago, I think they changed something, and my searches using inverted commas started throwing up the biggest load of tosh instead of the accurate results they were previously. Annoyed @ google.
  • P E.
    AOL use google search anyway
  • Response A.
    Response to anna; most websites use new search engines that pretty much ignore 'old' boolean Logic. Gone are the days of using: "" AND NOT OR Nowadays, you must use different a language. The very basics... use a plus instead inverted commas, eg "cat"AND"food" would now need to be written as +cat +food To avoid certain terms use a minus, eg. +cat +food -dog
  • dOm
    You don't need to write +cat +food (in Google anyway) as it includes all search terms by default. So just writing 'cat dog' (without the quote marks) would have the same effect
  • dOm
    I meant 'cat food' :p
  • Jill
    Well I just tried "cat food" and +cat +food and they gave different results...
  • Jill
    Actually, it was the same as "cat" "food", the words need to be in seperate quotation marks to do the same as +cat +food
  • "She s.
    +cat +food -dog has always been the way to use search engines - certainly was the way people recommended using lycos/yahoo in the 90's. "Cat Food" would give results were the phrase "Cat Food" is used on a page. +cat+food will give you pages in which the words cat and food appear (in any order).
  • scroogle a. google without the ads, without the logging and all the other shit that using google entails.
  • Sinbad
    Another scrounger. FFS just use Google will you? You're getting the service so put up with the ads. Nobody has a right to the internet for free. Your kind make me sick.
  • scroogle a.
    No I just won't use google & you can get angry all you want sailor-boy. Your kind make me sick, or you would if I could care enough about your opinion. I've had the internet for free for close to 20years, and I'll continue doing so thanks. Oh, and could I also recommend to you too? I've not seen an advert in a long time - maybe if you cut them out you wouldn't be so passive-aggressive angry.
  • Ask B.
    I Like The Argument. I Agree With The Scroogle Guy.

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