Japanese robo boot could help stroke sufferers walk again

We all love a Japanese robo boot, and Yaskawa Electric have given us a doozy - a motorised leg brace which has been designed to give stroke patients the confidence to walk again.

robo boot

Catchily named the Ankle Walking Assist Device, the robot boot was developed by the Shibaura Institute of Technology and Hiroshima University’s Space Bio Laboratories –and marks an exciting new wave in robotic mobility devices that beat wheelchairs, crutches and motorised scooters hands down.

The boot fits around the leg and foot with Velcro straps and the motor connects to a battery pack around the waist. When the heel hits the ground, the robo-boot sends a boost to the foot to keep up the walking pace.

In a bid to address the problems of Japan’s ageing population, assistive robotics is a big industry, with the world’s first neuroprosthetic robot suit also certified for production this year.

So, soon we could see old people in Britain walking around in Iron Man robot suits and going to the shops on TURBO. And when she finally gets that new exoskeleton, you’re not going to see your Gran for dust.


  • Mad H.
    Should have called it The Wong Trousers
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Very cool product...hopefully the nhs stocks them
  • Jennifer W.
    Please send more info. My mom would be interested in this. thanks
  • kirn s.
    regarding a ad you posted in oct 2013 about Japanese robo boot I want to ask f you could help me I would like to purchase it for my dad but not sure how to get hold of it please do help me.
  • soby k.
    The price of the japances robo boot which help stroke victims I am from India where shall I get in India and price in Indian value Thank you Sobykurian

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