Japan make hover-train that goes 500km/h

Did you travel to work on the train today? Did it trundle along, stinking of arsecracks and off milk? Well, they don't have that problem in Japan because Japan is in the future.

Japanese rail operators not only have an amazing rail system, but they're showing off how good it is getting by unveiling a prototype for a levitating train that can go 500km/h.

The JR Tokai designed hover-train is a 28m Series LO "maglev" train and uses an electromagnetic cushion to get around.

A super high-speed wheel-less mega hover-train that looks like a spaceship. And what do we get? Something that smells of eggs and is frightened of wet leaves.



  • Marky M.
    The future? There was a maglev shuttle that ran between Birmingham airport and the National Exhibition Centre 30 years ago. It didn't work very well and was scrapped when repairs became too expensive.
  • Mr M.
    And here our Government is still trying to invest in high speed wheels...
  • Sicknote
    And many Japanese men have a fetish for schoolgirls.
  • crap
    @Sicknote as do many English men, that take the fetish's to the point of felony.
  • Train D.
    Whoopie doo... The frogs gt their TGV to do 574.8Km/h and that had wheels not fancy magnets. I guess it looks better than the usual floaters though
  • watmoethier
    hallo dit is een engelse pagina dus hello hello

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