ITV to simulcast World Cup coverage online

11 June 2010

fifa world cupITV is launching a free, ad-funded online service called ITV Live which will allow you to watch World Cup matches on your computers, or as it is usually known, skiving at work.

ITV Live launches today on just in time for the World Cup's opening ceremony and the first match, between hosts South Africa and Mexico.

Ben McOwen Wilson, director of online and interactive at TV, said: "Dual-screen has been a priority for over the past 12 months, and ITV Live is the exciting result of our exploration into how our users want to interact with big events simultaneously, on the television and online."

Of course, you'll be able to watch matches on your iPhone as well as ITV have made a special World Cup app. More on that here (and other options) here.

Naturally, if you hate football and want to wind football fans up, then don't worry - there's options for you too! Go buy a universal remote control and copy this Dutch prankster in the pubs round your way.



  • Klingelton
  • The B.
    Do people still watch ITV? Who knew?
  • Jack T.
    At least they don't charge you £4 billion a year for the 'privilege'.
  • mo
    @jack but the BBC is MASSIVE they are the worlds biggest broadcaster you cant help but use the BBC in some ways whereas ITV what is that ? it only does one good show the x factor and that's it, i never watch it, its full of crappy shows. what's the point even the news which is funded by us is crap
  • Gadget f.
    @mo - the X Factor is a good show?! The only thing good on ITV (other than footy) is entourage but they don't even show that on the main channel.
  • PaulH
    It's good to see a link to the ITV site on the BBC website...its all about the football
  • Dirty F.
    The xfactor is a good show?? Haaaaaaaaaahahhahahahahahahahahah you moron!
  • dunfyboy
    TV Burp and the occasional footy game. Other that that, ITV is a complete waste of time. If I wanted to watch one of their games on th lappy I'd just use TVCatchup anyway.
  • Nobby
    I've just had both open together. ITV "live" is about 10-12 seconds behind TVcatchup, which is also a few seconds behind live TV. I think I'll stick with TVcatchup for the football.
  • DragonChris
    LOL @ the YT vid. Epic
  • mizzle
    TV Catchup: 503 Service Unavailable
  • Tom P.
    tvcatchup is fucked-up, ITV is fucked-up...can't watch anything !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Internet T.
    I'm using one of the sites that provide live overseas coverage of Premiership football, and am getting a perfect feed of the ITV coverage - as I can't get anything from the ITV site itself.
  • Nobby
    TV catch up is fine for me.
  • Tom P.
    Posted by Nobby | June 11th, 2010 at 4:53 pm "TV catch up is fine for me." Second half was just about ok, although still slow streaming on a true 9Mbps connection. I think their servers took a battering when everyone logged-on at once.
  • mo
    The x factor is awesome what's wrong with you guys almost 20 million* (supposedly) watched it. *figure obtained by The Sun (not exactly helping my case)
  • Jenine C.
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