ITV to show World Cup matches on iPhone app

world_cup_trophyIs your boss a tight-get and won't let you have the night off for England's match against USA? You can't throw a sickie because you'll get fired? Well, ITV could help you conduct some slight-misconduct with a new app that will be showing all their World Cup games live from South Africa.

Basically, the new app will simulcast a stream from the main channels on the iPhone (no word on an Android app as yet) which will be free of charge. Of course, the catch with that is the pre-roll ads and click through banners, but there's got to be a trade-off somewhere, right?

ITV director of online and interactive Ben McOwen Wilson added: "Our aim at ITV is to make our content available when and where our viewers want to watch it."

Sadly, there's no 'kill Jim Beglin' option.

Of course, you could watch it via TVCatchup if you prefer, but for all we know, they might find opposition from FIFA who like to control absolutely everything broadcast that concerns them.

ITV's first World Cup game will be South Africa versus Mexico on June 11th, 3pm. ITV will show England's first game, which is against USA, on June 12th, 7.30pm. BBC One will show England versus Slovenia on June 23rd (kickoff at 3pm) and the Algeria game is on the 18th.

Exciting stuff as this will be the first properly multiplatform World Cup!



  • Steve
    What a wild card that was in bringing out the FIFA objection as that is just ridiculous, ofcom controls broadcasting in the UK and all objections go through them. ITV are funny because if it works like there webstreams they will be crashing every five mins, I think I will stick to TVCatchup on my iPhone, at least it is reliable.
  • Alexis
    "I think I will stick to TVCatchup on my iPhone, at least it is reliable." Lasts for about 15 minutes on my iPod Touch before it crashes.
  • PaulH
    @Milky What a fag
  • Adebisi
    Cool I can use some of my 'unlimited' data........... oh shit I forgot unlimited has a new meaning in mobile land - limited. You could stream 10 mins then loose your data package but good if you were at home on wifi though and wanted to have a shit but you don't have a tv installed in your bog like me.
  • Milky
    @PaulH. Not as much as your dad.
  • cock
    @PaulH What a cock
  • The B.
    Now if they started streaming rugby I'd be interested, but ITV has always aimed at the lcd, just look at the dross they broadcast.
  • ridge
    any android version ? hahahahaha
  • Galaxy
    This is quite cool. However anything to do with Apple sucks sailor cock I'm afraid. Only people who know nothing about technology go for the Iphone/Ipad. I've yet to be proven wrong.
  • James D.
    Too bad all Apple users are fags and therefore won't be watching the football.
  • Chocolate H.
    @James Dean You are such a penix.
  • Interview: U.
    [...] ITV to show World Cup matches on iPhone app | BitterWallet [...]
  • James D.
    You wish Hobnob, only so you can stick me up your bum.
  • maxtweenie
    Don't need an Android version thanks. I've found Yamgo gives me live TV on my HTC Desire free. Google it and weep Apple arseboys.
  • Mike H.
    Great, so you can watch the match whilst driving in your BMW/Audi?
  • The B.
    [...] This app gives you extensive news coverage pulled in from and a calendar for fixtures and information on the group tables. You can also watch live games straight from the app, so if you’re weeping on the pan with agonising squits, you’ll still be able to watch the matches. Great stuff. It costs 99p and is available on Android. It may not be legit, so see here for more options. [...]
  • ITV B.
    [...] Of course, you’ll be able to watch matches on your iPhone as well as ITV have made a special World Cup app. More on that here (and other options) here. [...]

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